SicoMTB Products came out of seeing a problem with no solution that fitted the need. Sico’s owner Simon has been in the mountain bike game for a long time, over 20 years involved in mountain biking and motor bike racing. With his intricate knowledge and his wife, Magda’s experience in retail management they make the perfect team that has become SicoMTB Products.

Simon’s first product was the SicoMTB kenevo spring. Unable to find a spring that perfectly suited his weight bracket, Simon set out to produce a spring that would. After successfully making one for himself, other riders noticed this spring and wanted one for themselves. Thus, the kenevo spring was born. We offer fully customizable springs to fit any shock required, available here

After solving the problem with his spring, Simon found a second issue that needed a solution. The way the linkage works on this bike didn’t give much clearance between the bike and the frame, meaning that the mudguards available couldn’t do the job as well as Simon liked. Teaming up with the designers at Axiom Product Development, with hundreds of hours of research, development, various prototypes and custom tooling, the DualGuard was born. As you can see the Dual Guard is a completely unique design and the perfect mudguard for the 2019 Specialized Levo.

This is just the beginning for SicoMTB Products, with more products in the research and development stages, expect to see big things, made with love and expertise in the near future.

We are a husband and wife business based on the south coast of England.
Simon has over 20 years of experience in mountain biking and motorbike racing, inspiring him to set up Sicomtbproducts with Magda’s encouragement and knowledge of retail management.
Starting with heavy weight springs for the Specialized Kenevo E-bike, we’ve expanded our business by developing any size spring for any shock for your MTB or MX bike.
When you buy from us we promise you a friendly efficient service backed up with our passion and knowledge.
Everything we develop is manufactured in the UK and we’ll be delighted to answer any queries you have.
Please contact us at and we’ll get straight back to you.