SicoMTB Products will replace SicoMTB Mudguards that develop a fault (i.e. crack or break) as a result of manufacturing defects. This remains valid for 30 days from initial purchase.

SicoMTB Products shall only warranty a product from the ORIGINAL purchaser.

If your SicoMTB product is suitable for warranty but is now obsolete and has been replaced by a superior/revised version, we may ask you to pay the difference in retail costs.

Finishes are NOT covered by warranty, unless it is due to a manufacturing defect. If you find a cosmetic defect within 30 days of the original purchase date then please email info@sicomtbproducts.com to clarify if it is suitable for warranty. Cosmetic damage/wear caused by repetitive use is not covered.

This warranty will NOT cover items that have previously been replaced under warranty.

If you are unsure about the validity of any warranty claim then please contact us via email at info@sicomtbproducts.com and we will try to clarify it for you before you incur any postage costs.

In the interest of goodwill SicoMTB Products reserve the right to offer a “crash replacement” for parts broken by accident or incident that is no fault of SicoMTB Products. SicoMTB Products may offer a fair discount for a replacement product. The decision to offer this discount is solely that of SicoMTB Products. 

Warranties should be returned directly to SicoMTB Products whenever possible. Please include a proof of purchase (i.e. confirmation email, receipt, invoice, date of purchase), your contact details, and a description of the fault. A replacement can only be sent to the original purchaser and verified against our database of purchases.  If proof of purchase cannot be verified then the warranty will be VOID.